Let’s get right into it. I had an unusual upbringing, my mom had 3 litters in total. I have 28 unique and boisterous brothers and sisters, hundreds of noisy belligerent cousins and second cousins, and a handful of crazy uncles that tend to eat things that have already been consumed, digested and disposed of. 

You cannot be subjected to this type of puppyhood and not be psychologically impacted in one form or another.

So, instead of being admitted into a One Flew Over the Woof Woof Nest facility I turned to humor, attempting to turn everything I saw and experienced into some type of joke. I kept my sanity by prescribing myself a daily dose of satire. 

The first time I got the nerve to express my humor was when Aunt Sheba got rabies at my buddy Petty’s neutering party, I took a chance and said in my loudest voice, “she’s not going to bark her way out of this one, is she uncle? “… What a relief, most everyone barked their heads off. I pondered to myself, wouldn’t it be fun doing this for a living… turning everyday occurrences that chaps our hide into comics that make puppies bark and people laugh.

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