Friendship Female

Friendship Female

Ever notice that friendship spelled backwards is pihsdneirf. That’s right, it makes no sense, and you know what else doesn’t make sense, losing a close friend because you give them a backwards lame-ass run-of-the-mill friendship card. Thankfully, there are Toe’s Town Friendship cards. Well, there is only one at this point, but it is powerful and there will be more soon. Bottom line, Toe’s Town is not some backwards boring, Thank you for Your Friendship card, it cements a bond with your buddy that can never be broken unless of course this person starts driving you nuts and you want to punt them, then you will need to give them the old Here’s a Cheeseburger and a Roadmap card.

Do you know what is Bob spelled backwards? That’s correct, boB and that makes sense! And so does give that special pal a Toe’s Town Friendship Card.

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The one thing we don’t joke about

The one thing we don’t joke about

We are anything but status quo at Toe’s Town, and have been very intentional in distancing our brand from how typical greeting card brands are presented and sold. You, and the people in your circle of influence are special and unique and deserve to be recognized as such. Giving a Toe’s Town card shines a light on the fact that you are anything but typical, you also understand that making someone laugh in today’s world can be more valuable than gold.

The content on this website is purely satirical, for comedic purposes only and any statements given or “advice” offered throughout the website should not be taken literally.


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